5G small cell reference platform

SC-RF2-5Gn78 photo
CommAgility has introduced a new indoor 5G Small Cell standalone gNodeB reference platform, the SC-RF2-5Gn78. This combines our industry-leading SmallCellPHY-5G and SmallCellSTACK-5G software with our baseband and RF hardware, based on NXP's Layerscape® and Layerscape Access SoCs.

The platform provides a 5G gNodeB basestation, which can be used as a complete small cell solution. It is pre-integrated and tested to reduce risk and effort.

The SC-RF2-5Gn78 includes two high quality, flexible, 40MHz bandwidth RF channels, supporting 2x2 MIMO downlink operation. Based on NXP’s SoCs, the platform combines 16 Arm® Cortex®-A72 cores with NXP VSPA DSP cores, security and wireless accelerators. Future upgrades will support greater bandwidths and more channels, giving higher throughput.
SmartSky chooses CommAgility
SmartSky Networks has selected CommAgility’s MobilePHY-TI and MobileSTACK software as a key part of its next-generation air-to-ground (ATG) network. The software is used for SmartSky's Aircraft Base Radio (ABR), which is the user equipment (UE) on board the aircraft. The ABR connects to a ground base station and provides broadband inflight connectivity for passengers and crew.

"CommAgility has been able to tailor its world-class software to meet our unique needs," said David Claassen, Chief Technology Officer at SmartSky Networks. "We've built up trust and a strong relationship with CommAgility. They have provided an amazing set of technologies which helped us to deliver our solution to the market."
CommAgility has joined the O-RAN ALLIANCE, a global community that is helping to drive the adoption by mobile operators of new virtualized architectures with open interfaces. This is enabling operators to accelerate innovation, reduce costs, and speed up the deployment of 5G networks.

CommAgility wholeheartedly supports the objectives of the O-RAN ALLIANCE, to promote open architectures for the radio access network, and we intend to develop products based around the O-RAN specifications. With more than 300 members, the O-RAN ALLIANCE is enabling the industry to take advantage of new open virtualized architectures, software and hardware.