Vadatech进军Open VPX市场


October 2017    
Our MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA product range has grown significantly over the last few years, and we continue to attract new customers across commercial and defense applications with these products. This will remain a focus area for us, while alongside these established product lines 2018 will be marked by a substantial OpenVPX product offering. OpenVPX products will allow us to address requirements from customers unwilling to consider alternative architectures, so offer a real growth opportunity with little negative impact on existing business. This newsletter gives a brief introduction to that product line.

VadaTech OpenVPX Products
Our initial VPX chassis offerings are primarily air-cooled units for development and benign deployment, allowing us to get traction quickly with customer programs.  There are eight designs in progress, with first-article hardware availability scheduled for the end of the year.  The range includes 1U, 3U and 7U chassis, all with RTM support.  Draft datasheets are available in-house now, for use with qualified opportunities.  Contact your local sales office if you have customer engagements to be supported.
Rugged chassis designs will follow early next year and will leverage our experience in supplying systems deployed in environments from commercial telecoms through to airborne, land-mobile and naval (surface and submarine).

Payload Modules
The VPX51x (Xilinx 7-Series) and VPX59x (UltraScale) ranges provide a broad range of price-performance points, and include both FMC carriers and integrated ADC/DAC modules operating at up to 6.4 GSPS ADC and 12 GSPS DAC.  Coupled to the extensive ADC/DAC FMC range of over 20 products, VadaTech has a very strong sensor processing offering, suitable for applications from radar to EW and SIGINT.  Design re-use from the AMC products means that the platform management and BSP are field-proven even on new designs.

Full Platform
From the start of 2018 VadaTech will offer all elements needed to build complete OpenVPX systems, including chassis, switch, platform management, host, and signal conversion products.  A webcast will be scheduled for some time in November and additional marketing material distributed through the rest of 2017.