56 GSPS高速采样系统

Keeping up our track record of giving you access to the latest technology, we introduce the
AMC590 and AMC592,which bring Xilinx Kintex UltraScale™ FPGAs to the AMC form factor.
These groundbreaking FPGA devices bring ASIC-class performance, clock management and power efficiency for unbeatable price-performance-per-watt.
Our AMC590 features a Xilinx UltraSCALE XCKU115 FPGA combined with an ADC that can sample at an unbeatable 56 GSPS using a single channel or 28 GSPS using dual channels or 14 GSPS using 4 channels, with 8-bit resolution. It allows you to implement extremely fast, high-resolution ADCs in CMOS process technology. The AMC590 is ideal for applications that require ultra-high-performance analog and digital processing.
For more flexibility, the AMC592 combines a Xilinx UltraSCALE XCKU115 FPGA with a VITA 57 FMC site that enables you to select from a wide range of IO options, including ADC/DAC and networking capabilities.

New Products


VadaTech has developed a powerful new graphical software package, DAQ_Series, to make data acquisition products easier to use. You can now use our data acquisition GUI or standalone code to set the system parameters and start the acquisition even if you're not familiar with the MicroTCA form factor. You can integrate your sensors of choice and visualize real time sensor data, performance of data transfer and status of the digitizer. The DAQ_Series tool enables you to accelerate and simplify your development.
We also provide an FPGA design kit based on the industry's leading DSP system design tool, MATLAB Simulink, so you can create production-quality DSP algorithms in a fraction of the time compared to traditional VHDL coding. 65,000 registers are available and configurable by the end user to create user triggers and signal processing blocks such as filters, FFT and others. You can modify the open source code easily to make sure it meets your exact needs.
The DAQ_Series also includes an optional Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) driver that allow VadaTech digitizers to be integrated as IOC.

The combination of AMC523 and MRT523 is the first product to take advantage of this powerful new software, which will be rolled out across our line of data acquisition products. The AMC523/MRT523 is a digitizer sub-system in MTCA.4 form factor, complete with DMA engine and EPICS support. It offers up to 250 MSPS and 16-bit digitization in a form factor that is ideal for research and industrial applications.  The dual channel DAC, driven from the on-board Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA, can be used to implement low-latency feedback for hardware in the loop (HWIL) test applications.
The MRT523 can also be tailored to your exact needs by using a customer-designed mezzanine board.
Please contact us for more information, to demo the DAQ_Series software or receive a sample VHDL.


The ATC342 'Mongoose 1' enables you to reduce the cost of deploying applications that need video display and mixing, while adding platform management capabilities. This new ATCA blade is high performance video mixer that takes in DVI-I graphics and outputs DVI-I graphics while simultaneously mixing in up to four additional analog video sources. This allows an operator to be presented with an optimal combination of video data from multiple sources, such as charts, maps and surveillance cameras, with flexible control over how those sources are combined to provide an integrated view of video and data sources.
VadaTech also offers video mixer functionality in several other form factors, including VPX, VME and AMC.