VadaTech 发布 VPX/AMC 6.4/12GSPS ADC/DAC


If you’re going to strap two 12Gsamples/sec, 16-bit DACs and two 6.4Gsamples/sec, 12-bit ADCs into your VPX/AMC module, you’d better include massive real-time DSP horsepower to tame them. That’s exactly what VadaTech has done with its VPX599 and AMC599 modules by placing a Xilinx Kintex UltraScale KU115 FPGA (along with 16 or 20Gbytes of high-speed DDR4 SDRAM) on the modules’ digital carrier board mated to an FMC analog converter board.

VadaTech AMC599.jpg

VadaTech AMC599 ADC/DAC Module

VadaTech VPX599.jpg

VadaTech VPX599 ADC/DAC Module

Here’s a block diagram of the AMC599 module (the VPX599 block diagram is quite similar):

VadaTech AMC599 Block Diagram.jpg

VadaTech AMC599 ADC/DAC Module Block Diagram

At these conversion rates, raw data streams to and from the host CPU are quite impractical so you must, repeat must, have on-board processing and local storage—and what other processing genie besides a Xilinx UltraScale FPGA would you trust to handle and process those sorts of extreme streams?

Please contact VadaTech directly for more information on the VPX599 and AMC599 modules.